Ugly Sweaters

SinnerSchrader / Accenture
Art Direction + UI

Ugly Sweaters is a collection of 400 NFTs crafted as a fun company Christmas gift to warm everyone's hearts, as we couldn't get together due to the pandemic. To make up for the love and hugs of an offline Christmas party, we decided to gather virtually and enjoy a playful activity as a team.

So… It's 2 weeks until XMAS. What should we do as a team?

It's December 2021, a year when traditional Christmas gatherings were mostly cancelled. With the hype around the NFTs, a thought emerged: why not give it a go ourselves? Wouldn't it be cool if each of our colleagues owned a virtual sweater? Amid our efforts on client projects, striving to wrap up tasks before the holidays, there was still a longing to celebrate the Christmas spirit together, just as we always have. So, what's the plan?

An image showing the 80s fashion of ugly sweaters.
You've probably seen these sweaters a million times and either have a love or hate relationship with them.

Why not bring these beauties to our new reality and knit them virtually? Perhaps we could wear them to the next Christmas party in the Metaverse.
The making of the sweaters

Our aim was to embrace the true essence of “ugly”—not the Gucci kind of ugly, but a delightfully eccentric, even comically strange sort of ugly. We embarked on a creative journey, creating sweater patterns that brought together a mix of illustrations, resulting in something rather unusual. Additionally, we created a collection of unconventional Christmas decorations and vibrant backgrounds to add to the mix. With these ingredients in hand, we were all set to knit our dream sweaters.

An image showing different 2D sketches of the pattern elements.
Sweater pattern elements
Sweater patterns
Sweater decorations
An image showing different background colors.

Mix Mix Mix

To get the final collection of 400 ugly sweaters, our devs created a special program to put together different sweater elements and to choose the desired rarity for each design.

Super Rares

In addition to the sweaters born from the creative fusion of various design elements, we've unveiled a group of 5 gems that we called the “super rares.” These special uglies were meticulously handcrafted, each bearing an exclusively tailored design. What sets them apart is their captivating full 360° animations, allowing fortunate owners to enjoy every facet of their unique ugliness.

How did we communicate it?

We set up a temporary microsite for our colleagues, where the minting took place. The site also provided the basic FAQs, guidance on wallet creation or crypto acquisition. The hype was real. The collection was sold out in 12 minutes. The Slack channel was overflooded with the excitement. We all thought we were gonna get rich, but, most importantly, we had a lot of fun together before logging off for the holidays.

An image showing three mobile screens of the microsite.


Check out the collection:
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