Mercedes-Benz EQS

Art Direction + UI

As Mercedes-Benz boldly advances into the electric realm with the EQ sub-brand, it simultaneously maintains its position as a luxury brand. With the launch of the new EQS, our objective was to create an immersive campaign that would breathe life into the product and its remarkable features at every touchpoint.

Mercedes goes electric

The new EQS is staged iconically in a unique way within an abstract world with a mirroring ground. Forms and features of the car are captured with a progressive and innovative approach from different angles and in a future-forward fashion.

The stage opens up with a campaign video showcasing the entrance into a new design era in an all-electric mode.
An image showing three mobile screens: landing screen and 2 stages of the video component.
The all-electric vehicles represent the two Mercedes-Benz brand values of emotion and intelligence.
The EQS stands out with its emphasis on the essentials of modern electromobility: sleek design, extraordinary driving, daily practicality and maximum safety.
An image showing the range component on desktop.
An image showing three mobile screens.
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