Kick ID


KICK ID is a performance rating app for soccer players and coaches. It empowers athletes with objective ratings and personalized analyses. Users can compare and share their scores with players globally, creating a connected community of inspiration. The app gives an extra motivational kick for athletes to reach new performance heights.

A close-up image showing feet of a football player next to the tracking device.

In each tracking session, players are recorded in five-a-side matches lasting 4 minutes each, encompassing a total of 4 games with rotating lineups on a standard 40 x 20m soccer field. Data is automatically analyzed by AI, measuring every centimeter of the game and assigning individual player ratings through the sophisticated algorithm.

Your digital co-⁠coach

An image showing a few key screens of the Kick ID app.
An image showing key visual elements of the brand, such as icons and buttons.
An image showing the app registration process.
Reliable data and comprehensive privacy for an efficient and personalized training program
An image showing a few app components that visualize the data.
An image showing the workout screens.
An image showing a mix of different screens of the Kick ID app.
Elevate achievements with the top score card, a piece of inspiration to be proudly shared with your community
An image showing the Score Card.
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