Branding + UX/UI

NAMA (Not Another Messaging App) is a messaging platform that allows you to learn a language while doing an activity you already do—chatting with your friends and family! NAMA supports over 100 languages and motivates people to reach their learning goals.

NAMA, launched on Product Hunt, swiftly became the #2 product of the day. Designed to facilitate language learning seamlessly, it offers translation suggestions, auditory feedback, and utilizes spaced repetition for effective learning. With NAMA, you also gain access to the NAMA Keyboard for iOS, enabling language practice across any app. Track and practice learned words and phrases within our main application, unlocking achievements as you progress.

Essential brand elements: the mark, color palette and typography

The minimal logo creatively breaks up syllables to echo its pronunciation, featuring a playful speech bubble motif that highlights the app's messaging nature. NAMA's color palette combines muted tones with pops of brightness for a clean, friendly, and approachable appearance. The typography strikes a balance between tech-inspired sleekness and legible clarity.

Primary mark
An image showing the secondary mark.
Secondary mark
And image showing the color palette.
Color palette
An image showing the brand fonts.
Seamless language learning while doing what you already do—chatting with your friends and family
An image showing a few key screens of the NAMA app.
An image showing the language learning feature of the app.
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