Mercedes-Benz CLS

Cover image of the Mercedes-Benz CLS project.
Art Direction + UI

For the launch of the new CLS, our objective was to create a captivating campaign page that would not only inspire and inform, but also guide the users to specific market pages, where they could explore detailed offerings.

Extra beats ordinary

Duality takes center stage as the campaign's pivotal theme, serving as a powerful symbol that mirrors the dual nature within Mercedes-Benz customers. One heart beats with unwavering commitment to career and success, while the other yearns for the extraordinary and exhilarating as a well-deserved prize for the tireless efforts.

In an artful side-by-side composition, the new CLS steps into the limelight, bringing the protagonists to the very places, where their passions await.
An image showing the image gallery on tablet and the star pattern on mobile.
An image showing three mobile screens.
A clean and minimal layout with a luxurious charm highlights the elegant design of the new CLS.
An image showing a desktop screen with different vehicle color options.
Thumbnail of the following project: Mercedes-Benz EQS.