Cover image of the 2020?! project.

A personal story of 2020 told in video loops. Casual daily interactions. Mashups of thoughts stuck in my head. Responses to some more or less shocking daily events. Joy. Fun. Anger. Helplessness. Indifference. Anything that crosses my mind, really.

NOV: because we are the future
NOV: to my American friends
OCT: wypierdalać!!! (abortion ban)
OCT: myślę, czuję, decyduję (abortion ban)
JUN: just don't DUDAt
JUN: #blacklivesmatter
MAY: my mom is the best cook <3
APR: I wanna breathe clean air
MAR: lockdown
MAR: I know which answer you're expecting
MAR: to all my powerful girlfriends
MAR: fuck LGBT-free zones in Poland
MAR: focus on yourself
FEB: tomatoes on my mind
FEB: his dark #425447 #592A0F eyes
FEB: honey, ginger & vitamin C
Thumbnail of the following project: ugly sweaters.