An internal print and online magazine published by muehlhausmoers at the beginning of each year. Each issue has a unique central theme accompanied with an eye-catching accent color. The magazine is a collection of essays, interviews and visual stories on trends in society, technology and media. I was in charge of designing the web layout of the online edition as well as art directing the multimedia content and social media graphics.

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The design centers around an effective interplay between photography, design and typography. For each issue, we place all the articles in a bold overview page that allows readers to browse through the content. We settled for an unconventional way of presenting the articles, which not only blends prominent headlines with miniature images, but also uses the edges of the screen as navigation spots. Readers are invited to step out of their comfort zone and engage with the editorial content in an unusual way.
We designed a set of standard modules that are used as building blocks for most of the articles; this includes: image/timeline sliders, width-adjustable images/videos, text paragraphs and quotes. Each mPaper issue opens up an opportunity to experiment with unconventional editorial formats. For mPaper#2, we developed a special format that offers an effective way of presenting portfolios of different photographers. By clicking on the artist’s name, viewers can explore their works in more detail. Another special format we designed is an interactive one. Readers can move the text boxes around to learn about the critique of a social media platform. The boxes, scattered chaotically throughout the page, are stacked on top of one another. This overwhelming layout reflects the various layers of complexity within the problem that is being described in the text.
We also designed a couple of social media posts in order to tease the articles on various social media channels. The graphics mostly include animations and visuals taken directly from the stories.
About the theme → Narcissistic, insecure, aimless, career-oriented, permissive, prude. That’s how contradictory market researchers, sociologists and journalists sometimes describe Generation Y, sometimes Z and sometimes the entire youth. mPaper#2 aims to understand how young people form themselves and what worldviews they share. The issue explores various definitions of the word “generation” across history and interviews various experts who come to surprising conclusions.

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