MAN Truck & Bus

A company website for MAN, the leading provider of commercial vehicles, featuring stories about current transportation solutions. My primary roles in this project were to redesign the website and to adapt the print content to the online platform. I worked closely with editors and print designers to develop an online strategy; my tasks included: layout planning, photo selection, multimedia content creation, creative briefing and commissions. I also oversaw the development process by working directly with developers, running frequent quality checks and navigating the CMS.
To capture MAN’s modern and dynamic identity, we released a brand new website with over 50 articles. We developed a wide range of storytelling formats—photo stories, interviews, client cases, news stories, infographics… The topics, as diverse as the use of MAN vehicles, range from the stories of individual clients with customized vans or the use of trucks and buses in various industries/cities to behind-the-scenes of the production process. With the current technological progress within the automotive industry, MAN’s response to the challenges is always at the heart of each story.
In order to accommodate the needs of modern readers, the website features appealing visual content. We developed various modules—photo galleries, listicles, diverse image formats, options to integrate moving images or infographics—that not only bring the most out of the photography, but also allow the editors to customize each story.
Illustrations are another way to structure the stories in a playful and witty, but still informative way. For that purpose, we collaborate with many creatives from around the world to deliver exciting content to their readers.
Innovation and dedication of the people who keep the world moving with trucks and buses are definitely one of the strongest points of MAN. Therefore, we designed a unique format for the interviews. The questions are listed out on the side, which allows the reader to quickly glance through the content and move directly to the part that interests them.
As cities move towards more modern and sustainable transportation solutions to minimize the emissions and improve the quality of life of their residents, MAN also became a part of that transformation. It offers mobility solutions that are not only eco-friendly and reliable, but also cost-effective.
As much as the topics are heavily focused on innovation and the future, MAN takes pride in its past. We designed a special section dedicated to pivotal moments in the company’s history. The articles, which are sorted by date and based on archival content, bring back old vehicles and stories to life.

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