KFA Annual Report

A website proposal for Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur, an agency promoting volunteer work in Cologne. KFA brings people and causes together by connecting volunteers with partnered organizations. The annual report provides comprehensive information on the accomplishments of the volunteers. It is published at the beginning of each year in a classic book format with a unique colour. The colorful series—lined up on a bookshelf—naturally draws attention. The 2018 edition was initially planned to be accompanied with an online version, but the proposal was eventually cancelled. My role on this project was to develop an online concept and design the web layout.
The main theme of 2018 is the peer-support project called “DUO,” which matches volunteers with people suffering from dementia. As the number of Germans living with dementia—more than 1.7 million—is growing, so is the need to create dementia-friendly communities. “DUO” offers an opportunity for people with dementia to engage in social interactions. Volunteers learn to relate to the perspective of those affected by dementia and help them to retain or re-engage in their daily activities, making each moment more meaningful. Tackling loneliness and social withdrawal is a vital step in improving the health of a person affected by dementia. Life concentrates on the present moment and, thus, the main theme: Momentaufnahme (EN: Snapshot).
The 2018 annual report is split into two parts: (1) Bericht—a report on the volunteering initiatives, and (2) Journal—a selection of stories dedicated to the “DUO” project. We chose purple, the color associated with Alzheimer’s awareness movements, as the main color for this edition.
The Bericht is simple and straightforward. It provides comprehensive information about the accomplishments of the volunteers and encourages others to contribute to similar initiatives. Readers can access the table of content and browse through all the sections. They can read the whole report with detailed facts and figures.
The Journal is a collection of stories designed to look like an intimate diary. Each story can be accessed from the main overview. We developed two visual elements—faded photographs and compressed quotes—that are used throughout the journal. The images evoke memories that are washed out, fragmented, but at the same focus on an isolated memory or interaction. The quotes are illegible, but upon clicking, they open up and reveal themselves. We also decided to add a special interactive format to show an infographic to communicate information quickly and clearly.

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