Keep Your Distance

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 lockdown made a lot of people antsy. While we were stuck inside—in different parts of the world—my friends came up with a fun way of sharing the idea of social distancing. If 6ft (2m) is the “social distance,” what if you could calculate how many “social distances” you are between someone and had a little graphic to show it? is a website that generates playful graphics, showing how the social distance is maintained between two people. The concept of the website revolves around the idea of a virtual club that encourages people to follow the social distancing rules. Eligible members receive customized membership cards showing their solidarity with other people during the current health crisis.
rules & benefits of the club
form & membership card
I was responsible for the layout design and CSS stylesheets of the website while my friend, Joi, designed the vibrant stickers and templates for the generated graphics. The graphics come in two formats—square and portrait—and can be easily shared across different social media channels. If you’re using Signal, click here to download the sticker pack. We’re working on getting them uploaded on other platforms.
generated graphics
To the data nerds out there: although we would love to share some interesting analysis of how the traffic patterns changed throughout the pandemic, we decided not to collect any usage data. On the other hand, we received quite a bit of positive comments from friends and family—qualitative data counts too, right? :)


Design → @joistack + me
Coding → @0mp + @janek

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