Hyundai Magazine

An online magazine fusing modern editorial design with top class photography and expressive storytelling. My main roles in this project were to prepare creative briefings and to plan the web layouts of the newly produced visual material. Each story is carefully crafted using a third-party online framework. The storytelling also extends into the social media realm, featuring customized stories and posts.
Hyundai develops future-oriented mobility concepts and concentrates fully on people and society. This vision is also expressed in the new design approach that we adapted, which is inspiring, progressive and informative.
In order to reflect the curiosity and passion of Hyundai’s customers, the Hyundai Magazine offers a diverse set of themes. The widely varied topics—ranging from people, culture, travel, innovation, design to global thinking—focus on contributions that have had a substantial impact on the Hyundai community.
Hyundai Magazine also features articles that emphasize the company’s roots. The stories explore the South Korean culture, lifestyle and, most importantly, people who shape modern values and attitudes.
Small parts of the articles are also featured on different social media channels in the form of customized stories and posts. This format of storytelling sparks the online reader’s curiosity, encouraging them to visit Hyundai Magazine’s website to delve deeper into the story.

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