Ames School of Art

Ames Shool of Art belongs to the College of Fine Arts of Illinois Wesleyan University. It offers the opportunity to pursue study of art, design and art history within a small liberal arts community while also providing equipment and facilities afforded by a large comprehensive research institution. As part of the independent project during my senior year, I proposed a new logotype for the school.
The mark has undergone many iterations, from hand-drawn sketches to digital drafts and various adjustments of the type. The strong and harmonious shapes of the final mark convey the long-standing academic program that equips students with effective problem-solving and design-thinking skills. The faculty members, who are experienced artists, designers and scholars, work closely with students to develop and challenge their individual artistic strengths. In addition, the color palette, although usually monochrome, is flexible and dynamic as it can be expanded to include any color. This design decision conveys the school’s willingness to adapt to the changing culture and to accommodate the needs of future creative thinkers.
Brochures are important elements during recruiting, as they give potential students a glimpse of the school’s personality. They include information on the programs as well as showcase student work in various disciplines. I settled for an unconventional color—pink—that isn’t part of the Illinois Wesleyan’s official color palette. The goal is to break out of the norms and present the School of Art as a unique institution, drawing the attention of potential candidates.
College apparel and merchandise are absolute must-haves—whether it’s a small sticker on a laptop or a sweatshirt worn to class everyday. For most students, putting on branded merch is a sign of identification and belonging to an academic community that they care about.

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